Carpet Fit Wales Carpet Cleaning Tips


Carpet Cleaning Tips

Today, here at Carpet Fit Wales, we’d like to share with you some of our top tips for keeping your carpets clean. Dirty flooring can be such a pain, but fear no more, as we have some quick and easy advice to rid you of your worries!

You are almost guaranteed to have some trick or treat goodies sticking to your floor during Halloween. If you are using a wool carpet, it’s important not to rub the mess or you’ll damage the yarn. It also helps if you clean from the outside inwards to limit the affected area. It is important to deal with these spills as quickly as possible so that they’re less likely to stain. While small drops of water may not harm your floor, excessive amounts of water left to sit are likely to cause lasting damage.

Of course, bonfire night can also cause problems to your carpets with people traipsing in mud to the house. Tip number one is take your shoes off! You won’t just stop messy footprints, you’ll also prevent shoe soles with grips damaging carpet pile. If you’re using any cleaning products, make sure they are designed for your specific type of carpet, otherwise you can be risk of damaging it.

With the festive season upon us, and everybody getting in the party mood, there are bound to be some spills and stains on your carpet. Remember not to believe that “old wives’ tale”, as salt and white wine aren’t good for cleaning red wine, or anything else!

We hope these tips have been some assistance to you in taking care of your flooring!