Vicky’s Go Sober Challenge!

Vicky’s Go Sober Challenge!

GO-sober-macmillan-cancer-charity-vicky-carpet-fit-wales-flooring-south-walles-valleys-bestIf you hadn’t heard already, Carpet Fit’s Vicky Davies, took part in the Go Sober for October challenge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support raised £185.00 for the charity with support she received from friends, family and customers. Well done Vicky!

In total, the 58,344 who participated in the Go Sober challenge have so far raised over £2,500,000, which is a huge amount of money that is still rising. The money that Vicky and thousands of others have raised will go towards helping Macmillan Cancer support people diagnosed with cancer and improve their lives. This will no doubt inspire millions of others to do the same in 2016.

Vicky did the Go Sober Challenge for a few reasons. Mainly because Macmillan nurses do a fantastic job and were excellent when Vicky’s nan was terminally ill. Macmillan provided support and comfort not only to Vicky’s nan, but to all of the family too. Vicky also took part for health reasons, deciding to have some time off alcohol in order to feel fresh on a Saturday and Sunday morning!

When asked what was the most difficult thing about her sober October was, she replied ‘Going out with Friends and not having a glass of wine, so I became the designated driver for the month!’ This is the advice Vicky gives to those who are thinking of trying the Go Sober Challenge in 2016 – ‘it’s only a month and non-alcoholic beer is real saviour!’

Vicky’s selfless act has now gone towards helping Macmillan to continue supporting cancer patients all over Britain. Why not pop in store to congratulate Vicky yourself? For more information on the Go Sober Challenge just visit and to donate to Macmillan yourself go to