Carpet Fit Wales Stories and Community Support

Carpet Fit Wales Stories and Community Support

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Here at Carpet Fit Wales, we’re always busy in the South Wales Valleys helping our customers with redecorating their flooring, whether that be fitting luxury vinyl tile flooring, hard-wearing carpet, or just helping to pick out the right flooring for them. We’re always incredibly happy to assist our customers in any way we can and we always do it with a smile on our face, sometimes even a bit of a giggle…

One of our fitters, Richard Jenkins (Or Malo as we like to call him, pictured above), has been working at Carpet Fit for 10 years now, and has never had a more embarassing moment than when he lost his shoes on the job in Aberdare! In his own words “I took them off to fit the carpet, but when I finished my shoes were nowhere to be found! I searched the house, the rubbish, outside and the van but still no sign of them. I rang the office to tell them I had lost my shoes and when they had finished laughing, they asked me to check everywhere. I had to leave with no shoes on and pop home to get another pair of shoes before my next job.”.

Six months went by and there was still no sign of the shoes. Until one day, we unrolled a carpet and out they fell and to this day Richard still doesn’t know how they got into there!

But when we’re not helping our customers (or losing our shoes!), we’re always eager to support our local community in the Cynon Valley. Carpet Fit are supporting a man called Dean Ware who is raising money for a local mother, who is terminally ill with cancer, by taking part in a 110 mile bike ride, up and down Cwmbach hill 280 times! Here is his fundraising page if you would like to donate: and here is Walesonline’s full article. Very soon you will see us wearing sponsored t-shirts in our Aberaman store for the event so we hope you can help support this magnificent cause.