Carpet Fit Wales Snowboarders

Carpet Fit Wales Snowboarders

Nearly every year, for the past 7 years, the Carpet Fit Wales snowboarders like to go to colder climes (if that’s possible, given the weather here in the Cynon Valley!) and perfect their snowboarding moves for a team building exercise.

This year they…..almost didn’t go to Glenshee, Scotland as all the slopes were closed due to no snow. But luckily the heavens opened and two days before going it snowed day and night, providing perfect snowboarding conditions, the best they had ever had.

With 7 lads in one cabin, you can imagine the fun they had – there was burnt pasta, outdoor hot tubs, falls on the decking etc, but  thankfully no accidents this year – last year Thomas came home with a broken arm and the van came home on the back of a recovery truck!

The only question is…..are the Carpet Fit Wales snowboarding guys as cool as the dudes doing jumps in the video below?  Ask them when they’re fitting flooring for you and see if they really know their stuff!

You may not know this, but you can burn up to 480 calories per hour whilst snowboarding……now where’s all that snow gone from the Brecon Beacons?

Snowboarding is a very physical sport and uses calf muscles, hamstrings, quads, ankle and foot muscles.  It has cardiovascular benefits and is great at improving balance!

There’s even a World Snowboarding Federation organisation, take a look at all snowboarding events that take place each year – maybe we’ll see some of our team compete one day?

So if you’re looking to have some new flooring in your home, come in and see what we have to offer and witness some of the fittest, well balanced fitters transform your home!

Take a look at our image gallery below for a snippet of what things looked like!