Luxury Vinyl Tiles Information

At Carpet Fit Wales, we always make certain that we move with the times – as have Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

We know for certain that vinyl flooring is not like it was in the 70s, we should know, we were there!


With over 20 years of experience, Carpet Fit strives to give you, our customer, the easiest decisions to make about your flooring and so it must be true when we say that our choice of vinyl floor coverings is second to none.

Our range of colours and different styles are more than you’d ever need but we continue to make sure that we supply coverings from all the top manufacturers.

Using our luxury vinyl tiles with guarantee a stylish and practical result that lasts. The reason we have such an array of patterns, colours and designs, is so that you can find a style that suits you and, more importantly, your home. Whatever your taste, whether you fall in love with our patterned vinyl tiles, or perhaps prefer plainer designs, you’re sure to find the perfect luxury vinyl tiles for you at the Carpet Fit store!