Prepare yourself for garden lazy days

Our synthetic garden grass is great. It is virtually maintenance free, and amazing to touch…

Check it out! It’s like a mini garden outside the camper van! One of our customers loves our artificial grass so much that she decided to make it a permanent fixture at her camping holidays.


It looks great, doesn’t it? It also makes a soft surface to walk barefoot outside the van while also keeping your feet clean and warmer than a cold floor.

This got us thinking… what other imaginative uses are there for our no fuss, no hassle grass replacement?

We saw this video online about how to make a double bed upholstered with grass but forget the faff of maintaining real grass and use our artificial alternative.

Artificial grass is a great way to make your garden look gorgeous with minimal maintenance at a low cost. It’s also a soft surface that is very durable and is perfect for children.

See how we can help you make your garden look that little bit cooler by popping into the shop and taking a look at our artificial grass samples. Or, alternatively, give us a ring and we’d be happy to give you any advice you may need.