The Carpet Fit Kids!

As you know, Carpet Fit is proud of it’s family-run status and has been for over 20 years. But did you know that we’re now getting the kids involved!

Why? We like to think of kids as being the ultimate test for our products.

They test our hard flooring by skidding on them…They test our carpets by treading mud into them at every opportunity…

We’re shocked and amazed that even our #CarpetFitKids have begun taking pride in our work, meaning that the company now spans through 3 generations.

At Carpet Fit, we believe that being family run business gives us an advantage. We are flexible to do most jobs, nothing is ‘outside of our job description’, we all knuckle down to help one another. All of our staff are committed to the business and want to thrive and succeed and we can also guarantee stability.

To celebrate the younger generation, we have *free kids T-Shirts to give away. Then post a picture of your newly Carpet-Fit-Wales-fitted flooring being tested by your kids, in their official Carpet Fit Wales t-shirt and maybe you’ll see your kid’s picture in one of our future blogs!

Watch our Carpet Fit Kids Video if you haven’t already seen it.

*Call or see in store for details.