The perks of Amtico Flooring

We’re proud at Carpet Fit Wales that we are able to offer our customers Amtico flooring.

Carpet Fit are the only company in our local area who offers Amtico flooring. This is because you have to be accredited by Amtico to supply their product and they require fitters to have the highest levels of craftsmanship. It is a great honour for us to be able to supply this flooring to our customers

carpet-fit-wales-vusta-flooring-great-offer-aberdare-south-welsh-carpets-accredited-customer-service amtico

Amtico flooring has a beautiful wood-like look but isn’t actually wood. It has none of the drawbacks of wood flooring and is incredibly hardwearing. Amtico flooring is a versatile flooring that can be used in wet and dry areas with no issues.

It also doesn’t shrink or expand depending on the weather like solid wood, meaning that it will last a very long time. And if all that didn’t sound good enough then, best of all, it comes with a 25 year guarantee.

Take a look at Chris’ video on Youtube, showing you all the perks of Amtico flooring. Get in touch with us at Carpet Fit Wales or come and see our new layout at the show room, with more styles of flooring than ever before!