Carpet Fit’s Flooring Facts! – Part 1

Flooring has come a long way over the years!

Did you know that the very first floors used in interior construction consisted of the ground itself? The ground was often cleared and levelled off before the house was erected around it. In some cases hay or straw was used to soften this surface, and make it slightly warmer in the winter. Cured animal skins may also have been draped over the earth to provide some level of padding. Thank goodness for Carpet Fit Wales these days!

Some ancient families would drop waste and refuse directly on the floor, and then walk over it to compress it down into a solid surface coating.

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In rural areas, the interior of the house was often shared with other livestock. When they got into the living areas, they would often leave waste, which would then also be walked over and compressed down into the floor. The result was a surface that was as hard as concrete. Although, we wouldn’t advise you to try this in your own house!

During the Roman Empire, the art of natural stone flooring reached new heights. These masters of architecture were able to design a series of floors that actually radiated warmth from below. These were the first below surface radiant heating systems seen.

By 1000 BC, the Greeks were setting colourful pebbles and later, bits of flat pottery and stone into concrete floors. This would eventually create the first mosaic surfaces.

We won’t stamp in our rubbish into your flooring! Get in touch with Carpet Fit Wales if you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated.