Carpet Fit Wales in house apprenticeships

Carpet Fit Wales run in-house apprenticeships.

Carpet Fit Wales encourage passing on skills of flooring fitting to those who really want to work in the industry which is why they feel their in-house apprenticeships work so well.

Those who are currently on the team and doing a great job in their Carpet Fit Wales in-house apprenticeship are Kyle and Connor.

Kyle has been learning valuable flooring and fitting skills for approximately 2 years now and in that time has gained a wealth of experience. The apprenticeships involve hands-on learning and really brings out the best in the team who all help each other working to fulfill, and sometimes exceed, the customers’ expectations. “If any of us finish a job earlier than expected then we always see if any of the other fitters need help and go and find them to complete the work with them.

Also, we love seeing who can get to either Greggs or Costa first after a job so there’s a lot of camaraderie!”.

Connor started his apprenticeship in September 2016 and whereas he enjoys all elements of flooring fitting, he says he likes laying vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles the best as it can sometimes be like a complex puzzle so gets the brain going as well as it being a physical skill.

“Door frames are the hardest areas, once you’ve got those sorted the rest all falls into place!”.

He says “So far, there has only been one drawback in the job and that was removing a dead bird from the racking on top of the van! I hope that doesn’t happen again anytime soon!”.


There is no time limit on when the apprenticeship finishes, Owner, Chris and the other experienced fitters take the apprentices on a wide range of flooring jobs so that they can build up their aptitude, and in some cases, confidence. Office Manager Vicky says that some on the job learners take 3 months, others take 3 years and our approach means there is no pressure and that makes it so much easier for them to get on with the job and focus on what they’re doing.