Carpet Fit Wales – Loyalty discount

Carpet Fit Wales – Loyalty discount

Our customers are what keeps our family business running and is why we offer a Carpet Fit Wales loyalty discount. From customers that return to us year after year, to customers who require a whole house fitted out with carpet, vinyl, etc.

Many of our customers are property developers who often need a quick fitting turnaround to coincide with building works finishing. We understand this so are on hand to give advice about which flooring will work best for the whole house, and to give a speedy quote.

Like property developers, landlords often need a quick flooring fitting also. With newly taken on properties that need carpet and vinyl throughout, or existing tenanted houses that need a complete flooring replacement.

Tried and tested

A long standing customer of ours is Mandy St John Davey. Mandy is an Entrepreneur and professional property developer, business mentor and property coach and has been buying and developing properties since she was 18 so she knows what its like to work to a tight schedule. There is enough to think about to ensure builders, plumbers, carpenters etc are all available at the right time to renovate a property so when the house is at the right stage, she gives us a call. We are quick but thorough when measuring up and provide a quote with our stock items. We help speed up the development by using our stock flooring, rather than having to order stock. The house can then be finished off in good time ready for the estate agents to get to work!

Carpet Fit Wales loyalty

If you have ordered flooring for supply and fit from us before or if you looking to revamp your entire home, business or commercial premises then choose Carpet Fit Wales. Our stock bleach cleanable carpets start at £5.99 per sqm and our stock vinyl can be bought from £8 per sqm.

To receive your loyalty discount, either come back to Carpet Fit Wales to have new flooring fitted, or book us to have a whole house or commercial premises floored throughout.

We will always suggest what we think will be best for the rooms, or space you want to cover, however we also know that you may have something specific in mind. Either way, contact us to chat about what you need and we’ll take it from there!

Carpet Fit Wales - loyalty discount

I use Carpet Fit Wales for both my property renovations and my portfolio of rentals.” – Mandy St John Davey
Call 01685 871122 or come in for a chat at our lovely showroom in Aberaman to see how our loyalty discount can work for your project, or business.